Asymmetric War




Beyond History & Politics

Yesterday’s friend may not be today’s ally. We must judge our friends based upon past performances, today’s actions and tomorrow’s expectations.

Perspective & Action

WAR !  On 9/11/01 you were drafted into war. You have no choice — you’re in. You may support retaliation. Or, you may be against protecting yourself from further attacks even after having been surprised on 9/11, and threatened frequently since. We are living through World War III regardless of your perception. Regardless of your politics, this is fact:  This war must be won. The question is, are we going to win it soon or are we going to fail to effectively retaliate making it a divisive, long, costly war?

To see an impending danger and not defend your nation is to be a coward.
To see an impending danger and defend your nation anyway is to be honored.

The Foundation Of Asymmetric War Is Self-Defense With Aggressive Offense
We have not yet ended the beginning and the midway point is years away.

On The War Against Terrorism

There was no Gulf War II.
The war that liberated Iraq was the Iraqi Front, a battle front within the ongoing 4G War Against Terrorism.
This is war, genuine war. Its objective was to remove a Hitler-type dictator and his despotic, murdering thuggish regime  —  entrenched for decades  —  from control of 24 million Iraqi people. In comparison, the 1991 Gulf War was a policing action whose objective was to extricate Hussein’s regime from Kuwait, at the time a recently invaded small nation.
Other fronts include Afghanistan, states sponsoring terrorism and all nations where civilized people live free and work in peace for progress.

Progress In The War Against Terrorism

Reasonable & according to plan, but unlikely to be adequate enough to prevent the inevitable asymmetric attacks by obsessed terrorists.
Offensive, defensive, logistical & manpower planning was performed by seasoned, well-trained military leadership.  At this point the campaign is proceeding according to plan and is being effectively executed by our forces.
A note to armchair & retired military commentators:  This is a war — there will be death, destruction and the unexpected.
A war plan is built to be changed as battle conditions require.

The Battle Plan In The War Against Terrorism Has Been & Is Scalable & Flexible

The simultaneous operational war plan is more difficult & deadly for the enemy than a sequential operational plan.
The volume & velocity of raw information being reported can be distracting & distorting.
Liberation of Afghanistan, Iraq & other terrorist enclaves is not complete; It may never be complete.

The people of Afghanistan, Iraq and other terrorized nations are behaving much like civilians living in Nazi Germany in the early 1940’s. The German people also knew that their neighbors, relatives and various police groups were on the lookout for dissidents.  And so it is with each terrorized nation such as Hussein’s despotic regime of death and mistrust that was built over several decades.  The people know that to come out against Hussein too early will mean torture and death.  Terrorized people will wait until they are certain that their captors and the thugs are permanently gone before openly expressing themselves.

Civilian Deaths & Collateral Damage

Forces fighting terrorist fanatics take care beyond any ever taken by any military in any war. The type of munitions, the size, the angle of incidence, the time of day, and related intelligence are all used with pin-point precision to destroy only legitimate military targets on each front. As the War Against Terrorism advances, more people receive food, water, medical treatments and safety to ensure they can work and live in peace and freedom.

Historic Note

Saddam Hussein’s regime murdered and damaged more Muslims than any other force in recent history. Fanatics kill people and progress.

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