All That You Are

All That You Ever Hope To Become

Everything that you possess, everything that hope to possess, everything that you ever hope to become, all of the freedoms that you exercise daily, all of the safety that you accept as normal, all of your happiness, all of this and more, you owe to the United States of America. That is the United States of America that was designed, built, progresses, and has been preserved and protected by millions of Americans who sacrificed all or nearly all for you.

The United States of America was conceived, built, and prospers because it has always been based upon free market capitalism with guaranteed liberty and human rights.

Why then would any rational American want to convert the United States of America into a socialist state?

Why then would any rational American want to support or permit Obama to convert, or, as he has stated, “Fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a socialist state?

You should understand that Obama’s self proclaimed fundamental transformation of the United States of America will result in you being less happy, owning less, and possessing less potential. Hillary Clinton’s further implementation of Obama’s immigration, de-culturalization, and open borders will further erode anything that you ever expect to make of yourself.

You will be little of what you are today.

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