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This Time Alone

Reflection On The Anniversary, December 7, 2010, A Day That Is Living In Infamy

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese — in a ruthless surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor — killed nearly 3,000 human beings. It was Japan’s attempt to prevent America from joining the resistance against evil that had taken control of Japan. The onslaught at Pearl Harbor destroyed much of America’s Pacific-based Naval and air power. It was followed by Japan’s march over South Pacific nations. The Japanese inflicted mass torture and starvation, and committed brutal war crimes against civilians and military personnel over the following years.

Pearl Harbor awoke Americans. America joined Britain, France, Australia, and other nations then under attack from Hitler’s Germany and the Emperor’s Japan. Fighting for five years beyond Pearl Harbor, the allies defeated fascism and socialism. Such evil always manifests itself in these poisonous political philosophies and operates through an elite class that controls and impoverishes its people.

Japan’s defeat in 1945 was not simple retribution for Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor five years prior. Japan’s defeat was the recovery of the guarantee of liberty and the suppression of evil. Because there was a Pearl Harbor, there had to be a Hiroshima.

Today America is being attacked from within by the same evil that was defeated decades ago. It has been allowed to arise within America because Americans are forgiving, trusting, decent people. Americans have permitted this attack to manifest itself inside her because most Americans have been busily occupied building and enjoying the liberty and prosperity won in conflicts such as that following Pearl Harbor.

Today Americans are awakening to the evil that is taking control and festers within their nation.

As Pearl Harbor was intended to destroy Americans’ spirit, so is today’s internal attack from the force of evil intended to divide Americans, softening them for takeover and removal of their liberty and rights. It is speciously perpetrated by the very same individuals who have benefited so much by taking advantage of American institutions of goodness and generosity. Today America’s enemy within consists of individuals who feel an emotional need to destroy America’s goodness, wash away America’s generosity, separate Americans from their right to liberty and mold them into robots devoid of their productive, creative individualism.

This time America will resist, fight, and destroy the evil that festers within without the assistance of nations allied to her defense. Most of America’s allies have succumbed and are waging their own struggles to free themselves of internal socialism and the controlling miscreants who became entrenched over decades.

America will demonstrate, alone this time, that she can defeat evil each and every time it rises up. America will defeat the evil that now internally infests and threatens her peace, productivity, and prosperity.

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