America, Grow Up & Regain Self Reliance

Grow Up & Become Self Reliant America

The US Supreme Court demonstrated that it is not going to protect the American people from tyrants, bullies, or bad legislation. Nor will it shield America from socialism. Pundits and legal experts will argue forever about exactly why and what Chief Justice Roberts’ intent was when he cast the deciding vote making Obamacare constitutional.

The legal and intellectual discussion carries no meaning regarding health care for most Americans. The court told the American people that it is not — in this case at least — going to protect them. Therefore all Americans are now under legalized federal control.

The American people are on their own. They must mature, consider, and come to understand what socialized health care and unbounded control by Congress will mean to each of them.

Most importantly, if the American people vote wisely in November 2016, the law can be repealed by a pro-American, pro-individualism Congress and a pro-American President. That will negate what the Supreme Court did to all Americans on June 28th.