Bankrupt, Broke, Ended, Over, Finished

Culture War


There will come a day when even the United States of America has no more to give.

That day will arrive when the United States of America has no more that even today’s vastly overly-empowered, unworthy, self-entitled takers can take.

There will come a time when there is no more remaining to take, steal, or demand. Entitlements will be as worthless as the people who demand them.

Now we know the exact date of when this will occur. You may denounce, vilify, shout, and flail your arms in frenzied disdain at living and dead white European males. But who designed, built, and continually improves Western Civilization so that, through no effort on your part, your life is improved?

And when others demanded and were ceded control of Western Civilization based upon their gender, race, ethnicity without having demonstrated competence and wisdom, what happened? Yes, they dirtied and ruined whatever they were handed.

Let us hope that America can recover from its effeminate, nihilistic, weakened condition.

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