Bullies Build Character


“I grew up in a time when you didn’t have to worry about every time you said anything that it may possibly hurt, in some remote, obtuse way, some individual’s feelings.

Back then, if that happened, they gave it back and, in a few extreme cases, a couple of punches may have been thrown. Teasing and ribbing were a common thing and everyone learned to deal with it. It was no big deal.

Teasing and ribbing were not always labeled bullying. There were few victims who ran to some authority whining and demanding justice and retribution. Teasing and ribbing were accepted as forces that made people develop, become reasonably mature, and understand how they were perceived by others.

Today people cannot handle criticism because they have been so sheltered and protected from the real world that they have never learned to deal with rejection or criticism. Therefore, the only way that they handle adverse or difficult situations is to end up using their work or other position of authority to deride innocent people whom they can get away with bullying.”

Bullying can be painful and dangerous. It should be throttled by wise authority. No one should be bullied so as to be damaged psychologically or physically.

However, the objects of bullies are forced to learn their limits. They learn when to tolerate and when to defend themselves. They learn appropriate methods to defend themselves. They learn that to not defend themselves, they will become victims who are less successful in school, in work, and in personal endeavors.

A wisely administered balance with the goal of rational equilibrium can prevent damage while providing for productive development. People will be tested and bullied. It is part of interacting in implicitly or explicitly competitive arenas.

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