Constriction, Suffocation, Pessimism, Loss Of Control

How many days from now will the barrage of regulations, rules, mandates, and executive orders start flowing from the White House?

Obama’s executive order barrage, his czar brigade, and his placement of anti-Americans in high level positions will be seen in historical perspective as having expended years designing an attempted takeover of Americans’ lives, removal of liberty, and imposition of unhappiness.

Their despotism will be immediately displayed through government agencies including the SEC, FCC, HHS, EPA, Justice, Treasury, Transportation, Department of Education, Homeland Security, the military, and more. There will be additional despotic controls applied to Americans covertly embedded in bureaucracies. Years will be required to dismantle the BO regime’s despotism.

Americans will be forced to resist or suffer imposition of barriers to progress and happiness as never imagined possible in the United States of America.

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