How To Win The War Against Terrorism

How To Win The War Against Terrorism

Or, How To Not Lose The War Against Terrorism

A Problem Is Developing & It Must Be Attacked

Western Civilization is meeting the enemy symmetrically on its terms on its territory. It knows what we will do next strategically often before we know because it has prepared for, built and entrenched defensive and offensive operations for decades. It can calculate and identify what we will do tactically well enough to fortify against our coming assaults and defend itself.

After decades, our enemy is exploiting an unprecedented opportunity. It is invading Western Civilization.

The enemy’s three strategic tasks are to:

1.) Execute more attacks upon the real war front  — the civilized world’s homeland territories;

2.) Use propaganda to sway over to its side potential support of masses of people and weak Muslim nations.

3.) Invade to destroy from within by exploiting Western Civilization’s Achilles Heel — that is, its decency.

Today we continue to be led by the enemy and we continue to attack its psychological rear positions. Unless we perform a major strategic asymmetric leap over the enemy the overt part of this war will drag on never to end. There will be casualties, waning homeland support, waning allied support, and a more vociferous anti-war rhetorical bandwagon will roll along for the less strong to ride in naive safety.

The enemy understands what we must admit: Our homelands cannot not reasonably be defended. That is because of the basic nature of our civilization. We are not ready and we never will be ready for this evil enemy.

We love freedom and will not — and should not — surrender our freedom. If we burrow into our own style cave, the enemy has won. But because we cannot effectively barricade ourselves in a domestic safe box, we must eliminate the need to barricade ourselves from this evil enemy.

We must inject fear and despair and the knowledge in the enemy that to attack the civilized world is pointless. This evil enemy must understand that it needs to focus itself on its internal enemies who rebel because they refuse to return to the period of 740 A.D. Let it occupy itself with its own civil wars.

Any strategy short of an all out asymmetric attack upon this evil enemy will allow the enemy to win through attrition over time.

How can we win the war?  How can we win the war relatively quickly?  How can we win the war with few casualties?

In order to defeat the enemy we must strategically leap over this enemy.  We must attack asymmetrically and continue until the enemy is destroyed and incapable of significant regrouping without years of rebuilding and rogue nation assistance. Those potential rogue nations must have their behaviors and goals modified through direct education by force to make them focus upon their own domestic problems and prevent their focusing on global terrorism implemented through roving hoards of nomads.

This evil enemy will continue to gouge out our hearts and spirits as it attempted on September 11 unless we permanently seal its followers in their bunkers, caves and holes.


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