Know Your Enemy

This Enemy Is After You

This evil enemy exhibits characteristics of the schoolyard bully who never out-grew his need to control and cannot gain a following using legitimate positive issues and objectives. Instead, for purely self-serving goals this enemy hides behind religious tenets he perverts and misrepresents as he romances an uneducated and desperately needy populace that has not yet identified any productive pathway to progress.

This evil enemy embodies all that is stubborn and evil. It emasculates all energies from those followers who innately desire progress and might have been able to lead their countrymen out of their uncivilized age using positive means. This evil enemy redirects those followers’ potential energies to serve its bullying, pseudo-leadership’s narrow goal of controlling Afghan and Muslim people while destroying the civilized world because civilization is guilty of being successful. This evil enemy cannot identify how to succeed for itself and that is why it must bully the weakened masses using perverted religious tenets, fear and force.

Civilization must handle this evil enemy as any other characterless, narrowly-focused schoolyard bully. This enemy is composed of unguided, weak charactered individuals who, by default, join their local bully brigade. This enemy’s followers will not persevere long after it is threatened with force because they are not bound by high-minded principles and positive long-term enriching goals. They will melt into the sands once they experience the violent treatment that they have inflicted with impunity upon others. They have little strength of purpose.

Remember, this bully is just like others: It is a coward and will back down when confronted directly. It uses women and children as shields and seduces men to serve selflessly to sacrifice for its cause. Civilization’s challenge is to remove the bully’s weaponry, cause defection of his troops, gain control of his territory and capture him.

Then the bully must be put on trial so the world hears the evidence against him and his explanation for having committed atrocities in the name of any God. Only then might every civilized person forever understand why this bully cannot be forgiven or allowed to exist.

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