Purpose For All Americans

An Argument For Reason & Realization, Appreciation, & Affirmation Of The Values & Objectives Of The United States Of America — Those Values That Have Provided Everything For You & That You Have Made Of Yourself

For The Immediate & Specific Purpose Of Generating The Formal Acceptance By All Rational American People

For Affirmation Of The Founding Fathers’ Concept of The United States’ Constitutional Plan, Bill Of Rights, & The American People’s 200-plus Years’ Progress & Development

We, The American People, having worked to invent, discover, develop, and achieve grand accomplishments to share with all of mankind, do hereby stand proud and acknowledge our substantive contributions to the greatness of Western Civilization. We have purposefully supported other peoples in their extrication from demonic, despotic demagogues. We have lost and gained. We have won fairly with integrity. We have paid dearly, in men and monies, all costs due. We have accepted our achievements benevolently and shared our gains with friend and enemy alike.

We, The American People, have little reason for embarrassment, dismay, or apology. We have sincere and true reason to be proud of our heritage, to continue to work with integrity toward progress, and to share our successes with others who apply themselves to the best of their abilities.

Each American, natural-born and immigrant alike, should comprehend and acknowledge that all that he and she is, all that they possess, all that they ever hope to achieve, has been and will be made possible by all that is provided at little cost to each by the free, democratic, and capitalistic system of the United States of America.

American style liberty and capitalism provide prosperity for all who work. The American Dream must be preserved and cherished.

Wise Americans who understand this refuse to be confused or dissuaded by falsifiers of the American Dream. Wise Americans will not abdicate control of America to an un-American, socialist regime of desperation and failure.

It is essential that Americans who are worthy of America stand firmly against false accusations and unworthy accusers.

Today there are self-anointed, un-American, anti-capitalistic arrogant, demanding politicians who have made their way through generous American systems by demanding and taking. Today they demand that a majority of Americans accede to their current demands. They use dark and negative accusations of what the United States Of America has done, is now, and how bad it will be unless we elect them. They are led by one who considers himself a very special person: Barack Hussein Obama. He uses vague generalities and claims to offer Americans hope and change from what he, his wife, and his terrorist friends, his minister, and his socialist compatriots label an America to be ashamed of.

These people must be admonished and rejected. They must be shown that arrogance and scare tactics fail to dissuade Americans from what they know to be good: American Ideals.

Some worthy, honest, working, decent Americans who know better are failing to stand up against these blatantly and horrifically false accusations. Obama and his minions including the main stream media, are daily arrogantly spewing charges and apologies for the manner and ways of the United States Of America. These charges are apparently confusing some Americans.

The ungrateful Barack Hussein Obama tosses onslaughts of injustice & lack of fairness in America. These should be instantly firmly refuted and rejected by Americans worthy of being Americans. He who has — along with his associates including his wife, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, his minister and terrorist friends — have and continue to take major benefits from America including Ivy League educations and highly-paid jobs.

It is essential that America and Western Civilization stand up and affirm, defend, and showcase what it has always been: The ultimate defender of individual rights, liberty, and achievement built and sustained by individuals from all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and religions.

Obama perpetrates lies and miss-characterizes America. Obama has preached domestically and abroad against America and American interests. Obama apologized for the American people while standing on German soil. Obama apologized for America when in Germany by saying, We’ve [Americans have] made a lot of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions.”

All Americans should react and unite against this politician. His audacity should impress all Americans with its destructive intent. Obama has no right or permission to contrive an apology to the world for having preserved Western Civilization, most recently in WWI, WWII, and in winning the Cold War, which allowed the German people to re-unite and rebuild their nation. Americans must affirm and proclaim to the world where they stand. Worthy Americans do not need to — and should not ever — sit in Obama’s church listening to him play surrogate for his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, telling us how deplorable America has been and remains today.

The path to this end is the rejection of Barack Hussein Obama’s, as he referred to it, “fundamental transformation of the United States of America”. Obama has been, and remains, unqualified and demonstrates that he does not understand any of what it means to be an American. He has failed to comprehend why millions of people from around the world dream of becoming an American. He fails to see that most Americans are optimistic, hard working, and do not want America to be remade into Obama’s socialistic flat-land. He does not see the America he does not understand.

Obama was always, and remains, unworthy. No American who knows America and takes pride in its accomplishments could, upon reflection, even consider the possibility of placing Barack Hussein Obama in the line of leaders that began with George Washington, and includes Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, and Reagan.

Obama’s wife, his friends, business associates, and pastor for over 20 years, have each made loud and specific statements expressing hatred, disgust, disdain. They openly wish and pray for the destruction of the United States of America. These people, including domestic terrorists George Soros, Bernardine Dohrn, William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan have been invited to work openly with Obama and his wife.

Some Americans are frustrated with some conditions — most of them not personal, not direct — yet perceived as national failings. The vast majority of Americans live comfortably, are well-fed, have luxuries including secure and consistent food and shelter that is unquestioningly believed by them to be theirs today, tomorrow and forever. Why and how is it that Obama, an un-American, anti-capitalist, outsider handed every benefit and luxury that he ever demanded of America, could be willing to deceive Americans by appealing to their transient frustrations?

Most Americans fail to see nor look beyond their own self-centered, home-bound pastoral lives. Most Americans are generous, kind, and open to words of hope and change, listen in simple minded rapture, unwilling to consider the speaker’s real motives, intent, and plans.

Many Americans have become deeply sensitized to the demands of less-worthy individuals. Many Americans feel sorry for them and are willing to abdicate control of the United States of America to the less worthy who promise with vacuous phrases to provide hope and change. To accomplish this end, these unworthy require that Americans surrender their rights and liberty.

Many Americans have been conditioned to operate in timidity and subservience. Their peculiar flavor of guilt supersedes patriotism and burns inside them. It prepares them for abdication of all that is American Pride. Those Americans anxiously willing to be subservient believe themselves to be insulated and safe from any and all losses of life, liberty and their personal pursuit of happiness. Some Americans are willing to surrender the rights and liberty that they have never been forced to consider nor been required to appreciate in their daily lives. They believe that they know they will be untouched following their abdication. They have lived their lives protected by those same American values: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Obama as president, along with those whom he sweeps in with him, although inexperienced in their new roles of leaders and planners, old-time American styles of viewing life are being replaced by a new old-time plan: Socialism. The same socialism that has failed in East Germany, North Korea, the USSR, and across Africa and South America. It provides very well for the top few and extremely inadequately for the vast majority.

America’s next president will appoint his long-time professional, personal, and political associates thus endowing them with all the powers of the United States Of America. If that next president is Hillary Clinton, those elevated to the highest levels of the US government are those same who consider themselves above all regular Americans. They have been screaming, throwing bombs, and cursing the United States Of America for decades. They will be empowered and with little thought use all American powers hard-won over centuries to implement their long-stewing ideals of socialism, anti-capitalism, and un-Americanism. They have railed against America for all of their thinking lives.

At once, upon noon, January 20, 2017, Americans’ world can be released from the losing, socialistic, controlling and engulfed by the winning capitalism and freedom. Deadly forces have been be perpetrated upon America by its internal and external foes under President Obama. Regardless of who becomes the next president, due to Obama, the new world order will revolve around a new center diametrically opposed geographically, morally, ethically, and to the negative of the United States Of America in each and all manners. Under America’s President Obama, America is now viewed as weak. America will surrender further and America will further lose on the grandest global scale under a second term Obama.

At once, upon noon, January 20, 2009, it was that Iran, led by one of the gang of US embassy hostage-takers who was humiliated on January 20, 1981, when Ronald Reagan became president, now openly announces his impending attack upon Israel, and less openly upon Iraq. There have been several tests of Obama US over his presidency. Obama’s weakness and known socialist and Muslim ties are resulting in provocations. The enemy provokers will become more empowered and more numerous under a second Obama term.

The United States Of America, its people, its ideals will be involuntarily thrust into their next phase of character testing.

Massive powers of Asia and the Middle East are now enriched. They possess and are preparing to use potent financial and military tools. They are only building and waiting to see who the American people appoint to control the United States Of America. Those newly-enriched dark forces of Asia and the Middle East now feel empowered to engage their assault. If Hillary Clinton and her cronies are assigned the US presidency, those dark powers will challenge our weakened America.

Those dark forces of Asia and the Middle East will likely use their newly-attained wealth and ubiquitous power to smother doctrines, conceptual legitimaticies, and life styles of democratic institutions. They will focus efforts upon destroying Americans’ — as well as Europe and the English-speaking world’s — free pursuits to privately choose religion and each individuals’ rights to pursue a life with the style believed by the individual to be most appropriate.

Neither the 2008 or 2012 presidential election was not about race. They were not about Democrats versus Republicans.

Those elections, as is America’s 2016 election, was the ultimate showdown between achievement earned by worthy, American capitalists using Liberty, and US Constitution, law and values versus the further promotion of the unworthy, anti-American supporters of socialism and dismantlers of capitalism.

On November 8, 2016, Americans will have their last opportunity to defend themselves, affirm their rights, and demand that their liberty not be further encroached upon.

Americans can chose a woman of demonstrated low principle, known dishonesty, questionable intellect and education, and known destructive indoctrination: Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama was elevated by powerful, unethical, dedicated anti-Americans.  Throughout his life nefarious associates supported him before and now within the position he has occupied for years.

Obama diminished and multifariously used his position to destroy the very nation that trusted him after awarding him more than he might ever have achieved based upon his skills. Hillary Clinton will continue Obama’s destruction and “fundamental transformation of the United States of America”.

“You may not like the choice you have in the election of 2016. However, your choice is actually between restoring America to greatness or continuing America’s decline — and contributing to your own decline over time.

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