Littoral Warfare

Transformation Of The US Navy’s Surface Combatant Fleet

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The Littoral Combat Ship is among the first highly capable, multi-mission Destroyers & advanced Cruisers. Each is a new breed of focused mission ships. LCS 1’s core crew is 15 – 50. Mission crew is up to 75.


Above is LCS 1, Freedom, at her christening, September 23, 2006.

The United States’ First Littoral Combat Ship. The Freedom was christened at Marinette, Wisconsin on September 23, 2006. Freedom, LCS 1, is the inaugural ship in an entirely new class of U.S. Navy surface warships. She made a side launch during her christening. This agile 377-foot ship was designed and built by a team led by Lockheed Martin. She will help the U.S. Navy defeat growing littoral, or close-to-shore, threats and provide access and dominance in coastal water battle-space. Freedom displaces 3,000 metric tons and has a capability of reaching speeds well over 40 knots. Freedom is a fast, maneuverable and networked surface combatant with operational flexibility to execute focused missions. Those missions will include mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare and humanitarian relief.

Ship Characteristics: Displacement = 2500 tons, Length = 379 ft (115.5 m), Beam = 43 ft (13.1 m), Draft = 12.1 ft (3.7 m)