Analysis & Planning

The War Against Terrorism is kinetic and is being adjusted by feedback from multiple levels.

Consider the equipment, supplies and planning required to support your life daily. Consider the planning you put into performing a task on your job… on planning your weekends, on planning a vacation. When you need something you go to the store and buy whatever it may be — food, gas for your car — and then drive to work and home. You have public roads and services including water, natural gas, and electricity all provided with no effort on your part and available to you on demand.

If you need a doctor you telephone, make an appointment, and see a doctor. In an emergency, you may just about automatically be taken to a hospital where trained doctors and nurses who probably never saw you before suddenly work to save you life. When you get hungry you go to your refrigerator, the grocery store or a restaurant.

Consider all that again. Think about the equipment and supplies required to support a military operation. Understand that first there must be the invention of components and equipment, congressional politics, and finally the appropriation of money for equipment, the detailed planning, design, construction, testing, re-testing, training of service and operational personnel. All of that and more occurs at detailed levels by employees at defense contractors and must be completed successfully to build a military force. This military force must be potent enough to prevent your nation from being attacked, your property taken by invaders, and even your life ended.

Now envision the airplanes, ships, land vehicles and men and women required to perform the liberation of Iraq from Hussein’s regime. Envision delivery of the naval battle groups and related ships….  Envision the land vehicles:  thousands of tanks, armored personnel carriers,  jeeps, trucks, transport vehicles required to move personnel and materiel…. Envision the aircraft required:  hundreds of fighters, bombers, tankers that perform mid-air re-fueling, reconnaissance planes, unmanned drones….

Envision the physical and mental training, feeding, dressing, sanitary needs, recreational needs and more of 300,000 men and women. Imagine the training just to get 300,000 men and women to understand the chain of command and then in an always coordinated manner, carry out orders, often under extreme duress. And that is more stress than you have on your job and in your daily personal life. // Envision the supplies required to operate, repair, and supply all of that equipment and those 300,000 men and women. Envision the troops moving 200 miles into the desert. How do they receive food, gasoline, ammunition, medical aid, instant support when attacked?

And now imagine the decades of large scale planning and the years of detailed planning required to implement the liberation of Iraq from Hussein’s regime.

Just envisioning all of that was more than any one of us can do. Imagine the actual accomplishment of such a project.

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