Rationale Of War


World War has evolved into financial warfare. The weaponry of WW III includes commodities, corporate assets, and real estate, often in the form of civilian national assets. Specific examples include commodities such as oil, corn, rice; corporate assets such as the Rolls-Royce automobile company, Lenovo Computer Corporation; real estate such as the Chrysler Building, Sears Tower, the Panama Canal, the New York Port Authority.

There are myriad examples in all industries crossing all industrialized and several primitive nations’ borders. An ammunition of World War III is money.

Money is represented by various currencies purporting to be sovereign establishments and is denominated in several valuation models. These valuation models may consist of baskets of currencies, specific individual currencies, or openly fiat currencies. Many nations’ currencies are not backed by either silver, gold, or a bi-metal standard. Some currencies are pegged to other currencies collected into virtual baskets of currencies.

Today’s form of war is a globalized manifestation of old-style nationalization of foreign assets upon domestic soil.

The WW III end objective is to takeover and control economies and populations through disrupt enemy commerce, industry, domestic stability, & daily civilian life.

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