Socialized Medicine

Socialized Medicine

Great Britain and Canada have nationalized health care systems. In each country there is one payer for health care services: That is, the federal government. This is why wealthy Canadians and Brits come to America for important, often life-saving, healthcare services.

In each country the health care system has been known by the same term since being established. That term is socialized medicine. The Canadian and British systems are single payer systems.

In 2010, the US Congress passed legislation that set America up for socialized medicine.

Initially, yes, insurance companies are being allowed to provide insurance. However, as America has experienced since 2010, Insurance companies are dropping out of the healthcare insurance business. The Obamacare federal government legislation made it impossible for private insurance companies to survive. This is why private insurance companies are increasing rates to absurd levels. Failure of private insurance companies’ provision of healthcare insurance has been the Obamacare plan all along.

In the next year, two, or three, nearly all private insurance companies will be forced to stop providing healthcare insurance for individual Americans. Then the federal government will swoop in to, as it will claim, “save” Americans. The federal government will be the only insurer available for individual Americans. The federal government will have all control over approval or disapproval of all healthcare services for all individual Americans.

All Americans will be covered by this federal health care system. The federal government will pay for only those health care costs that it approves. The federal government will be the only legal insurance provider.

That is socialized medicine.

In 1994, when Hillary Clinton attempted to pass her socialized medicine healthcare legislation, it was correctly called socialized medicine. Americans recognized it as socialized medicine and rejected it.

Do Americans today fail to understand that Obamacare is socialized medicine? Do today’s Americans fail to see that the federal government will decide who receives specific healthcare procedures and who does not?

Do the American people fail to see that the federal government will control who may live and who may die? Who may suffer with illness and who will be permitted to receive cures for illnesses?

If single payer insurance is so great for all Americans, why did Congress legislate and set aside traditional special healthcare insurance for each member of Congress?

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