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On the spectrum of possible governments there is the one where the government has little control over most individuals’ lives. The other end of the range is where the government controls nearly everything that each individual does.
This second form of government is known to be labeled variously as socialist, communist, Communist, Marxist, Leninist.

Today Americans are discussing the narrow range of possible forms of the US government. These forms range from some increased taxes and government control to somewhat decreased taxes and less government control.

Americans would be wise to awaken to the realities of the government they have elected and the bureaucracy that it has assembled over recent decades.

In 2008 Americans elected Obama to be their president. Americans should judge Obama by his own words and the people whom he has positioned and allocated power to in the White House and government departments and bureaucracies.

Obama and his government appointees, White House czars, and regulatory bureaucrats are using the organs of the US government, that is, departments including SEC, FCC, HHS, EPA, Justice, Treasury, Transportation, Department of Education, Homeland Security, the military, and other previously established operating mechanisms to bypass Congressional checks and balances. Obama and his government are implementing Marxist/Leninist controls that will encompass and control all Americans.

The end result, the final model that these followers of Obama have planned includes the taking possession of your property, including your home, your education, your financial resources, and guiding your personal life by allowing and disallowing according to their plans. At some point in their plan, the state, using its bureaucracies, will allocate where you may live, how much money you may keep, how much of all you earn may remain yours.

Americans are — for a while yet — free to continue debating, arguing, discussing, and failing to understand what is being done to their America — and to each of them. Unless a majority awakens and resists this takeover, they will one day be harshly and rudely awakened from their ignorance and passivity to find themselves wards of the State.


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