The Longest Days

Dedicated To Liberty’s Defenders

Liberty, progress, and civilization’s values must be defended or these essentials will be taken away from you.

The term “The Longest Day” usually refers to the allied invasion of Nazi-held Europe on June 6, 1944. It is a special term that has significant meaning. The Longest Day was the massive project which led to the successful end of World War II. Most people alive today merely existed that day and reaped the benefits, or inherited the comforts made possible by efforts applied during The Longest Day. On that day, three million men fought the Nazi machine while witnessing the death of men standing inches away from them.

The civilized world is now engaged in its next struggle for survival of liberty, justice and values. Today each day is a longest day for all civilized people. Some people fail to recognize their mandate to defend and retaliate. They fail to perceive the looming dangers. Today’s war, known as the War Against Terrorism and which is blossoming into World War III, will not be won, and can not be effectively fought, with passivity and energy-wasting, contentious fighting among ourselves.

Today’s war may only be won by unified, concerted, long-term dedication to liberty, justice and the value of the individual. Our failure to withstand the motivations of the fanatical onslaught by those who prefer to die rather than coexist peacefully will surely result in stalemate at best.

A stalemate will force civilization into an open-ended need to defend itself on every street corner, building, business, all transportation, and computer systems. Widely visible self-defense will create fear and paranoia that will undermine freedom and individual comfort. Civilization will lose its ability to progress. In this situation, fanatics will inhibit and paralyze civilization.

Each civilized human being has many longest days ahead. Arrogance, ignorance, lack of concern, and contentious diversions will distract war efforts and lengthen the longest days of WWIII.

Your ability to comprehend and deal with the War Against Terrorism, WWIII, global warming, cultural enigmas & anomalies, energy sources with their efficiency, and all sorts of absolutes and abstractions will determine how well we evolve. Your character and culture must overcome today’s weakened character, and arrogant, ignorant culture of divisiveness.

You may be concerned about global warming, oil shortages, and any number of cultural diversities, diversions, relevant issues, and irrelevancies. Your personal life may be as empty as other people’s heads (certainly not yours). Civilization’s objective is straightforward. It must be aggressive: Survival and ending this war that was started by fanatical, inept, uncivilized, uneducated, unreasonable bullies.

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