American Wisdom — President Ronald Reagan


On Freedom:

“Today you’ve joined a people who are among the freest on the face of the Earth. We’re a nation greatly blessed. We were founded by men and women who wanted it said of our country: Here the people rule. They created a philosophy of freedom that is expressed in the document by which our country was established, the preamble of which was read to you, the Constitution.”

On Responsibility:

“It is my duty as President, and all of our duties as citizens, to keep this nation’s defenses second to none, so that America can remain strong.”

On Federalism:

“We are working on federalism at the national level. This country is as free as it is — you as individuals owe much of your freedom to this very unique thing about our country — that it was set up by the Constitution to be a federation of sovereign States, not administrative districts of a Federal Government that retained all the power itself.”

On America’s Free Press:

“Since the founding of this nation, freedom of the press has been a fundamental tenet of American life. The economic freedom that has earned us such great bounty and the precious freedoms of speech and assembly would have little meaning or be totally nullified should freedom of the press ever be ended. There is no more essential ingredient than a free, strong, and independent press to our continued success in what the Founding Fathers called our ‘noble experiment’ in self-government.”


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