You Were Not Born


You Were Not Born

America and the world experiences summer heat waves. A heat wave occurs when a large air mass that is several degrees warmer than usual for that period of year sweeps across an area. Sometimes a large portion of the nation experiences several heat waves during one Summer.

Heat waves are boons for news reporters because they can instill fear and worried excitement in the minds of large numbers of ordinary people. Heat waves are easy to report because there is often video of people perspiring profusely, fire hydrants open with children running through spraying water, and sometimes a few people die.

The heat waves of summer are especially exciting for reporters because several American states are experiencing temperatures over 100 degrees. Those temps are really exciting to report because they are referred to as “triple-digit” temps. Reporters who are not able to prioritize news events enjoy using this triple-digit temps lingo. These are the same reporters who fail to notice the death counts and other extraordinary events in Afghanistan, through the middle East, and in several other genuinely significant human-caused “hot” spots around the world.

These same reporters fail to understand that a search through meteorological records covering just the last two centuries, would display several dozen heat waves that brought triple-digit temps.

Also alarming for reporters is the fact that, prior to about 1940, no one had air conditioning because it had not been invented.

Today a thinking person upon hearing reporters wailing and warning about global warming and its supposedly induced heat waves would wonder how could our grand parents and great-grandparents have survived heat waves of their times.

It should be clear that without air conditioning, cooling stations, and warnings from news reporters, our parents could not have survived.

Since they could not have survived the heat waves similar to the heat waves of our times, they could not have been around long enough to conceive children, but if they had, their children would have died in the next heat wave.

Our parents would not have been born and survived their heat waves. Therefore, we could not have been born.

NOTE: The next time you panic about a temperature record being broken, pause and realize that simply means it has been just about this hot or cold before. Perhaps it was in 1968, 1956, 1947, 1923, or any other year. Then recall that that was before global warming had been invented.

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