You Will Have No Fun

You Will Not Be Yourself Nor Have Fun

A cruel and evil pall has descended upon America.

Those who are now in charge of our lives suffer a need to control us. They have no regard for Americans’ liberty and freedom of choice. They care not for our needs to determine our futures through our own choices and actions.

Using their demented obsessions to control us, today’s politicians, appointed officials, and bureaucrats endeavor to satisfy their psychotic needs to control Americans.

Gradually over recent years Americans shopping, driving, walking, working, relaxing at home and elsewhere, have lost their optimism and joy. Americans’ natural excitement for their futures has eroded. Many Americans may not yet realize it, but their potential for happiness and success has diminished.

So it is and so it will be as long as elitist politicians demand — and we acquiesce to their demands — to control us.

Only after the current regime has been removed from power will all Americans regain their liberty and rights to choose and control their own lives.